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T9 Series Window Adjustable Louver

T9 Series Window

Water Insulation: above 50kg/m2
Air Permeability: less than 1m3/hr.m2
Strength: Wind Resistance up to 280~360kg/m2

The best performance sound and water insulating dual-sliding window on the market.
Frame thickness is 100mm, suitable for use in luxurious apartment buildings, villas, hotels, and office buildings where a quiet environment is desired.
Sashes can be removed from inside, a feature that allows easy and safe window cleaning.
Sashes and frame adopt dual-compartment design, providing excellent strength for the window.
Ladder design on the sill and the bottom sash ensures excellent drainage and prevents water backflow.
Using 3-point locking handle with airtight hardware. When locked, sash is tightly attached to the weather stripe, reaching high level of water insulation, sound insulation, and air tightness.
Aluminum or stainless steel tube can be installed on sash to increase anti-theft functionality.
Sliding doors or larger size sliding windows can use high quality adjustable rollers which can adjust the height of sash to ensure smooth sliding.
Weather stripping between sash and frame for excellent weatherproof capabilities.
Aluminum or stainless steel tube can be installed on moveable insect screening net to increase anti-theft functionality.
T9 series can achieve exceptional sound insulation without using the double glazing option.
Special frame design will cause dew on the interior portion of glass to be drained out.